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Alessandro Bosetti (Born Milano, Italy, 1973)  is a composer, performer and sound artist whose works delve on musicality of spoken language, utilizing misunderstandings, translations and interviews as compositional tools. His works for voice and electronics blur the line between electro acoustic composition, aural writing and performance.

He has been creating pieces for trained and untrained voices, electronics and instruments in various combinations and forms in leading venues as the GRM/Presences Electroniques festival in Paris, Roulette in NYC, The Stone in NYC and Cafe OTO in London among many more all over Europe, Asia and the United States.

He created a vast body of work of hybrid, award winning, text-sound and radio compositions for the main Radio and Electro Acoustic Music studios, most notably for the historical WDR’s Studio Akustische Kunst in Cologne and Deutschland Radio Kultur in Berlin, Hessischer Rundfunk in Frankfurt, Radio France in Paris and ABC National Radio in Melbourne and Sydney.

Most recently he was awarded the Palma Ars Acustica Prize 2015 for his composition “The Notebooks” delving on Leoš Janáček handwritten archive of speech-melodies  and the Phonurgia Nova prize 2012 for his radiophonic performance “636″ (RTBF 2010). In 2013  he received the IDAF prize for his piece “Mask Mirror” involving a self designed instrument and software that reorganizes speech for musical purposes. The  radio piece “Writing through Genesis” with Klaus Reichert has been awarded the Hörspiels des Monats Preis in december 2015.  His latest radio-art pieces are “Regular Meaures”, that has been premiered In the frame of Savvy Funk, a documenta 14 Radio Program and on Deutschlandfunk Kultur and “Vita Nova” with Sébastien Roux, a commission of France Culture.

As a concert composer he has been writing for ensembles as the Kammerenseble Neue Musik and Die Maulwerker in Berlin, the Janacek Opera House in Brno and and the Neue Vokalsolisten Stuttgart. His conversation piece “Acqua Sfocata, Utilità de Fuoco ed altre Risposte Concentriche” has been recently shown at the Akademie der Kuenste in Berlin,  the Serralves Foundation in Porto and the Taipei Poetry Festival in Taiwan.

Alessandro Bosetti is curently writing a piece for the ensemble MAZE in Amsterdam, a solo for the accordionist Vincent Lehrmet that will be premiered at this year Festival d’Automne a Paris and a biographic music theatre piece on family documents titled “Journal de Bord” that will be premiered in November at Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil’s festival “Mesure par mesure”.

As an educator he run a yearly atelier on radio art at the Phonurgia Nova summer courses in Arles and the intervene regularly at the sound department of ENSATT Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Techniques du Théâtre in Lyon. He has been visiting professor of experimental radio at the Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar in 2015.

Bosetti has published more than twenty CD’s and LP’s under his own name on labels as Unsounds,  Bôłt, Holidays Records, Errant Bodies Press, Monotype, Rossbin and Sedimental and many others in different collaborative settings. A 4CD boxset collecting his most sginificative radio works between 2003 and 2011 has been released in 2016 by Bôłt records.

Alessandro Bosetti is currently based in Marseille.

Catalogue of works.


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