Listening references

A very raw and mess list of listening suggestions for workshop participants…

L’interview Etendue. July 2014 Arles, Phonurgia Nova Summer Radio University

Hermann Bohlen Prozedur 7.7.0 (1996)
Antje Vowinckel  IQ- HighQ- dumme Kuh. Der große Intelligenztest-Test. 55′. RBB 2003
Dan Graham Dan Graham “Performer/Audience/Mirror” (1975)
Dan Graham : Past Future Split Attention
Sophie Calle “Douleur Exquise” (exquisite pain) 2003.
Gregory Whitehead, Pressures of the Unspeakable
Leoš Janáček
some of his speech melodies are here :

We can keep the meat (Performative Conversations). 2013 Seoul, Mullae  Art Center, curated by Hankil Ryu.

Language / Landscape : Alpine Flipbooks

( alps :

Noam Chomnski vs. William Labov :

Transformations (context-free) grammar :

Sociolinguistics :

Language / Landscape 2 : René Lussier (Le trésor de la langue) – La visite du général De Gaulle + autres extraits (1989)

Mirrors and linguistic feedbacks 1 : Dan Graham “Performer/Audience/Mirror” (1975)

Mirrors and linguistic feedbacks 2 :   Dan Graham  “Past future split attention” 1972 :  (re-enactment)

Dan Graham text :
“Two people who know each other are in the same space. While one predicts continuously the other person’s behavior, the other person recounts (by memory) the other’s past behavior. Both performers are in the present, so knowledge of the past is needed to continuously deduce future behavior (in terms of causal relation). For one to see the other in terms of the present (attention), there is a mirror reflection or closed figure-eight feedback/feedahead loop of past/future. One person’s behavior reciprocally reflects/depends upon the other’s, so that each one’s information is seen as a reflection of the effect that their own just-past behavior has had in reversed tense, as perceived from the other’s view of himself.”

Mirrors and linguistic feedbacks 3 : Mask Mirror :

Mit dem Tiger warscheinlich (A book of Rumors) curated by Annette Stahmer. December 2012, Muthesius Kunsthochschule

ORAL SITE (orality and notation!)’s_the_Score_Now_Publication/


SOUND POETRY / LAUTPOESIE… Kurt Schwitters, Henri Chopin and all that doe … UBUWEB:





oh… and don’t forget MASK MIRROR :


CATHY BERBERIAN’s STRIPSODY (piece made using comic strips onomatopeic representations):

LA LINEA (endless episodes on the web!):

La Macchina delle Interruzioni.  Curated by Enrico Malatesta
2013 Area Sismica, Meldola.

Alvin Lucier : I am sitting in a Rooom (1969)

ascolta qui :

ubuweb è un archivio online straordinario per poesia sonora, musica sperimentale e avanguardie in genere.

Rober Ashley : Celestial Excursions  (2009)    (video fantastico!! si capisce anche abbastanza bene come lavorano).

noi abbiamo ascoltato due estratti : “Subaru” e “Raoul”

Alessandro Bosetti : The Whistling Republic  (2003)

WDR Studio Akustische Kunst 2003  (inedito su CD)

Yann-Paranthoën : Lulu  (1988)ënën-Lulu/release/2261072

Alessandro Bosetti : A Collection of Smiles  (2011)

WDR Studio Akustische Kunst 2011  (inedito su CD)

estratto :

altri ascolti consigliati…

Georges Aperghis : Recitations
Frederic Rzewski : Coming Together
René Lussier : Le tresor de la Langue
Alessandro Bosetti : African Feedback
Alessandro Bosetti : Zwölfzungen (12 portraits of languages I don’t understand)
Salvatore Sciarrino : 12 madrigals
Yannis Kiriakides : Wordless
Steve Reich : different trains

Le lan­gage comme musique universelle.  11 -15 mai 2009 ,  Brussels ACSR

First Day, morning :

Examples played :

Rene Lussier – Le Tresor De La Langue 1989,  Label:  Ambiances Magnétique

Claudio Monteverdi: Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria 1640,  Label: Teldec (Warner)(Nikolaus Harnoncourt )

Arnold Schoenberg – Pierrot Lunaire (Dreimal sieben Gedichte aus Albert Girauds ‘Pierrot lunaire’,) 1912, Label: Teldec (Warner) (Sinopoli)

Rober Ashley  – Improvement, 1992,  Label: Nonesuch

Rober Ashley – Foreign Experiences 1993, Label: Lovely music

Aessandro Bosetti – “A guitar in your mouth” (sound + video ) , part of the solo Art Exhibit “Atlasing”, 2009, University of Maryland,  I’ll upload this soon on Youtube.

Second Day, afternoon  :

Examples played :

Alvin Lucier – I am stting in a room, 1970,

Aessandro Bosetti – The Whistling Republic, 2003 WDR Studio Akustische Kunst (Whistling Language on the Island Gomera)

Aessandro Bosetti – Campanas  2009  (“Talking the landscape”, the piece i performed live during the presentation, part of

Alessandro Bosetti – “African Feeback” 2004 – 2008 Label : Errant Bodies Press.

Aessandro Bosetti –  “Gut Te Fut Ab Te Fux”. DeutschaldRadio Kultur / Sedimental (record release in spetember, part of the CD Zwölfzungen : “portraits of 12 languages I dont understand” ).

Third Day :

Quoted but not played  :

Glenn Gould : Solitude Trilogy ( three hour-long radio documentaries produced by Canadian pianist Glenn Gould  for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1967 – 1977 )

Henri Chopin : a concrete and sound poet.

Jacob Kirkegaard : 4 rooms, Touch # Tone 26, 2005 develops lucier’s “sitting in a room principle” in empy spaces, in this case  four deserted rooms in Chernobyl

Examples played :

Alessandro Bosetti :  mask mirror 2008,

Alessandro Bosetti :  Arcoparlante , Deutschlandradio Kultur, premiere July 3rd, 2009

Nicolas Frize (age piece )

Barry Bermange : SOS SWR Archive

Giorgio Pressburger – Giuochi Di Fanciulli, 1970 Archivio RAI

Luc Ferrari –    Danses Organiques,  cinéma pour l’oreille, ELICA mpo-3340 – 1999, en vinyle LP ELICA 4VL 3704 – 2003

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