Plane/Talea (concert version)

Plane/Talea (Concert version).

Alesandro Bosetti performs solo with the Plane/Talea archive, a collection of thousands of vocal fragments coming from a multitude of anonymous voices each time recombined into a completely improvised and new constellation.
The concert is presentend through a multichannel system ( 8 channels) in which loudspeakers are chaotically distributed around the space.
The Plane/Talea archive is part of an ongoing research on the possibilites of voices existing as autonomous beings which has already resulted in a number of sound pieces, radiophonic and interactive performances and performance-lectures.
Alessandro Bosetti portrais voices from anonymous donors and collects tiny fragments from each of these voices into the Plane/Talea archive. Voices, which a re never processed but only recombined are restituted in complex textures and polyphonies.
Plane/Talea has already been a guest of Radio Savvy at Documenta 14, Xavier Veilhan’s Studio Venezia at the French pavilion for the Venice Art Biennale 2017, Lampo Chicago, France Musique, and Festival Densites among others and docuemented on a LP by Holidays Records.

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