Alessandro Bosetti – voice/electronics
Kenta Nagai – guitar, fretless guitar
Tony Buck – drums

Unique and powerful, Trophies is the experimental speech-loop trio of Alessandro Bosetti with Australian drummer Tony Buck from The Necks and guitarist Kenta Nagai, a native from Japan now living in Upstate New York splitting his time between Trophies, like minded The Book’s cellist Paul de Jong projects, and traditional Japanese shamisen music.
Despite geographical distance the band has been consistently touring on both sides of the atlantic over the past seven years carving an highly personal musical idiom out of the profiles and jagged surprises of the sound of speech.
Alessandro Bosetti, known for his experimentations around voice and language is one of the most prominent radio artists and text sound composers of his generation whose practice finds in Trophies – along with the solo electronic flow of consciousness project MaskMirror – one of it’s most performative and embodied form. The inner core of Trophies music is the almost continuos and repetitive unison of Nagai’s guitar with Boset- ti’s voice contrasted by the virtuoso and tightly irregular pulses of Tony Buck’s drums, originally a rigorous and narrow method which has flourished over the years into a wide range of musical solutions hinting to the intensity of experimental rock, rhythms complexities and tightness of downtown post-jazz and the disturbing intimacy of contemporary voice experimentation. Descriptions on paper of this band has often puzzled con- cert promoters and journalists alike for systematically eschewing a defined genre and a reference community – a distrust which has invariably and instantly melted in front of each live performance of the band that is always an hypnotic and trance-like experience.
Trophies music has been praised by The Ex guitarist Andy Moor as “almost impossible, full of moving energy and constant change” and by Marc Masters on Pitchfork as “constantly questioning the roles of music and speech: whether they convey literal meaning, act as pure sound, or do something in between”.
Trophies has released three albums and is in the process of mixing a new one and will be back on tour again in Europe in the fall of 2016.





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