A Collection of Smiles

(Radio composition)

A WDR Studio Akustische Kunst production 2011.

Kenta Nagai – acoustic guitar, oud.
Johnny Chang – violin
Chris Heenan – contrabass clarinet
Alessandro Bosetti – piano, electric piano, celesta.

Several people, which may remain anonymous, some already acquainted to each other, some not, are left alone in a room in front of microphones. They are not told what to talk about, they have an hour of time. Voices are recorded separately so that they could thereafter be cut, spliced, repeated, reorganized in different and ever changing constellations.
Spoken phrases are transcribed into pitches and melodic profiles and arranged and re-composed for a small chamber ensemble with guitar, oud, contrabass-clarinet, violin, piano and celesta.
Words and phrases turn themselves into melodic progressions. Infinite recombinations are possible. Counterpoint is the perspective and the motor.
In “A Collection of Smiles” it has been my intention to observe, capture and portrait the acoustic manifestation of language as something that happens in between. Between multiple people, multiple voices, multiple mouths.

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