Acqua sfocata, utilità del fuoco ed altre risposte concentriche (performance)

(Durational performance for vocal ensemble).

Premiered in Milano, Spazio O’, July 2013.

Duration: 5 hours.

With : Alessandro Bosetti, Martina Scienza, Alberto Prezzati, Alessandra Tempesti, Marco Secondin, Marianna Venticinque, Gianmaria di Pasquale, Patrizia Oliva, Mary Zurigo, Alessandro Cevasco, Bruno Kleinefeld


Performative conversation work delving into the music/language divide where a simple conversation is modulated through musical, sonorous and geometric parameters and that the public is invited to access like a living installation whose references range from the conductions of Butch Morris, the traditional animated Italian nativity scenes and the constructed situations of Tino Sehgal.


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