African Feedback

(Text-sound composition – 2004/2005)


For African Feedback I travelled in Western Africa with a CD player and a selection of experimental, electro-acoustic and improvised music.This “portable memory” represented my background as a musician or, in other words, my personal “cosmogony”. My favorite records.I did propose a listening of those sounds to people completely unaware of them and I did ask for a description. I did never explain what they were listening to.They listened the music through headphones and I recorded in the meanwhile the description or imitation they produced in real time.The presence of the headphones permitted not to have traces of the original musics in the new recordings but just the “feedback” received from the listener. Once back in Europe I used exclusively this recorded material in constructing a text sound composition. The dynamics of misunderstandings, of interest or indifference in front of my propositions in sound constituted the focal point of my curiosity and reflection. Recordings took place in November 2004 in Dogon and Mossi villages between Mali and Burkina Faso.

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