Alpine Flipbooks

(Video – 2013)

Duration: 14′.

“Alpine Flipbooks” follows several words across the many varieties of five minoritarian languages of the alpine region.
Recordings have been collected on a two months eastbound trip from the French / Italian border and Slovenia.

Each word changes slightly or radically as we move on the territory from valley to valley. The relocation of words cause a re-locutio that is indeed a new utterance.

The artist’s choice is that of making a piece about the alps where no pine trees, cows, and snowy peaks are visible at all and where the body is moved across a purely linguistic landscape. The alpine landscape is here defined by linguistic sound metamorphoses that have been danced throughout.

The languages we encounter as we move eastwards are: Fracoprovençal a Gallo-Romance language spoken in the valleys of Italian Valle D’Aosta. Walser a variety of high alemannic spoken north an south of the Monte Rosa massive. Rumantsch, a disputedly unitarian rhaeto-Romance language spoken in Switzerland, Cimbrian, a germanic language related to Bavarian spoken in northeastern Italy and Resian a distinct dialect of Slovene spoken in the Resia Valley, Province of Udine, Italy, close to the border with Slovenia.

Part of “Resonant Bodies” curated by Brandon Labelle, Claudia Peppel and Zeynep Bulut, ICI Berlin 2013.




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