(Text-sound composition – 2009)
Produced by DeutschlandRadio Kultur


Good evening, we are playing Stille Post (Telephone) …”  this was the opening line used by a Deutschlandradio speaker on long and middle wave frequencies the night of march 21st.
On that night Alessandro Bosetti and the Klangkunst group of the station set in place a radio-art version of the popular game creating a gigantic sound poetry generator on the frequencies (and internet streaming ) of the radio station.
During the event partly incomprehensible radio messages has been transmitted and transcribed several times until they transformed into abstract, musical, mysterious and sometimes  surprisingly funny materials. This process happened with the active participation of listeners all over the world. Arcoparlante, is a  “speaking ark”. An electromagnetic feast of misunderstandings on a large scale for a sound artist always concerned with language oddities, mis-communication and translations used as creative tools.

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