Il Fiore della Bocca

(text-sound compostition – 2004)

I’ve been asking myself why contemporary music, radio art and sound poetry always choose to deconstruct language while using it in a sonorous context. Looking for that answer I decided to cooperate with persons who are going along the opposite path. People having to reconstruct the broken language they are born with.
The piece is based on recordings of of voices of handicapped persons, ( afasics, spastics, larynxless ) and on the development of musical aspects of their speech.
I played to them recordings of contemporary, improvised electro acoustic music and sound poetry where the human voice has been “deconstructed” and asked them what they where listening to. I asked to describe and comment it. All answers has been recorded and constitue the basic sound material upon which the piece is constructed. All sounds to be heard in the piece (apart from one) come from that recordings

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