The Feelings of Objects

(12 radio miniatures)

A Deutschland Radio production, © 2006

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What do objects feel ? What happens when we say : “I’m emotionally attached to this object” ? Could be that the object itself may be emotionally attached to us ? What if it’s the object itself feeling something ? Do objects remember ? Why some objects generate a “mood” ? When is it that the post organic starts having sex appeal ? Can objects really take care of us ?
Some objects are silent, others not, they carry emotions. I look around and some objects are special to me. Often for reasons i don’t know. The stumme diener is unforgettable. Why so ? That old tractor so charming. What makes it that way ? The vaacum machine in the physiscs laboratory at the university inspires me to spend a night in the same room and the desire of falling asleep right there. Why ? What does my saxophone thinks of me ?
I wish i knew….

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