The Listeners

(Video – 2005)

ten erased compositions by Alessandro Bosetti

produced by Alessandro Bosetti and Jesse Seay at the School of the Art institute of Chicago.

Thanks to Nicolas Collins

Duration : 26’20”

Alessandro Bosetti composed ten short music pieces. All between 2 and 3 minutes.

Each piece has been listened, through headphones by just one person. Every person was aware of being the only listener of that very piece and that after a first hearing the piece would have been destroyed. No score, recording, audio file or cd had been left. Part of the agreement between the composer and the listeners was not to speak about those pieces. Though, the listeners are free to speak about  with other people than the composer.

With : Emily Kuehn, Justin Goh, Jovencio de la Pac, Brett Balogh, Georgia Lang, Luisa Bufardeci, Michael Graeves, Richard Curtis, Autumn Ramsey, Sharon Younger






Alessandro Bosetti ©  2005

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