(12 Radio compositions – 2006)


I like to listen to languages I don’t understand.
I like the moment when the understanding of words stops and every language starts to “make noise”.
All languages have a special sound, some more than others developed particular acoustic characteristics for the delight of a musician’s hears.
For “Zwölfzungen” I recollected recordings of eleven languages I’m not, or partially, able to speak and understand. Eleven languages I met in the past years, whose sound I specially liked. Moreover I invented a twelvth one, developed and learned during the past year and featured as a last installment of the series.
I made a piece of music with each of them, escaping from the meaning of words and concentrating on his specific sound, letting my ears concentrate and developing all sound details I’ll be captured by.
*”Zwölfzungen”, in italian “Dodicilingue” could be translated as twelve languages as well as twelve tongues.

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