Charlemagne, la vue attachée sur son lac de Constance, amoureux de l’âbime caché

Label : Bowindo, BW03
Author : Alessandro Bosetti, Antje Vowinckel
Title : “Charlemagne, la vue attachée sur son lac de Constance, amoureux de l’âbime caché”
Format : CD
Two electro acoustic compositions from Alessandro Bosetti from 2000 and 2002 and a recent text sound composition of Antje Vowinckel. It is very fine composed abstract music that starting from microscopic sound details develops organic and highly dynamic although very reduced structures. All the pieces make an extended use of silence, space and very small, carefully shaped, sound particles creating a feeling of natural “breath” and flow. Although this music shares some techniques with the “musique concrete” it goes much beyond in giving new musical life to sounds and suggesting new approaches in listening perception. For those who know Alessandro Bosetti for his activities as improvising saxophonist in the new minimal scene with Phosphor, Annette Krebs and others and for his text sound compositions won’t be difficult to recognize his very personal way in organizing sounds whatever he operate in electro acoustic music, improvisation or acoustic and radio arts contexts. Also hearing the piece of Antje Vowinckel, could be a surprise for those who know her as one of the more significative and granted author of new experimental radio plays in Germany

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