Label : Potlatch
Author : Strom (Alessandro Bosetti, Boris Baltschun, Serge Baghdassarians, Michel Doneda)
Title : “Strom”
Format : CD

Strom documents a March 2004 performance at Berlin’s Ausland venue by a quartet consisting of three Berlin-based musicians – Baghdassarians on guitar and mixing desk, Baltschun on sampler, and Bosetti on soprano saxophone – and a visiting Frenchman, Doneda, on soprano and sopranino saxophones. Constructed out of an array of hissing, rumbling and spluttering electronics and respiring reeds, its seven tracks exemplify electro-acoustic improvisation as a process of rebuilding the ship while it’s still at sea, as the constant entrances, changes and exits from each individual player create a collective kaleidoscopic flow of evolving juxtapositions. Free from teleology and fixed pulse, the group’s collages of organic breath and inorganic machine shift unpredictably but engrossingly between urgent intensity and brooding quietude, and in general the music possesses a propensity to both gross and subtle change that pleasantly distinguishes it from the rather petrified nullifications sometimes to be heard at the more “lowercase” end of the musical spectrum. A pleasure to the attentive ear, this is an excellent and strongly recommended disc.
Wayne Spencer, Paristransatlantic, January 2005

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